ATC Systems has a small experimental aquaculture and aquaponics systems for technology development. We choose to build a small pilot aqauponic system and a small recirculated aquaculture system because it can cover all the ATC Supervisor platform modules.

Our software and hardware solutions are tested first in our pilot systems. After a period of testing and debugging we choose some commercial systems to test the software and the hardware in more demanding environments. With this procedure we are sure that the released module (software or hardware) is working reliable.

Aquaponics pilot system

System configuration :

  • Fish Tanks:

- 2 X 4000 liters

- 2 x 1500 liters

  • Filters:

- 300 micron screen filter

- 1000 liters sedimentation filter

- 1000 liters gravel filter

- 1000 liters for K1 Bio filter

  • Sump Tank:

- 2500 liters tank

  • Pumps:

- 1 x 54.000 liters Primary for fish tanks and greenhouse

- 1 x 10.000 liters Backup for fish tanks

Aquaculture pilot system

Common systems

The pilot systems use solar water heaters with 1000 liters boiler buffer. The boiler has two internal heat exchangers,one for the aquaponics and the recirculated aquaculture system. 

To cover the extra heat needs a gas heater used to heat the buffer boiler.

Computer rack for ATC Supervisor software platform. The rack has the main network switch for computer, DVR and MBrick controllers. 

The ATC Supervisor platform runs the Aquaculture and Greenhouse modules on computer with Intel Atom D425 Signle Core Processor and 4GB RAM.