ATC Supervisor – ATC MBrick Master Driver

ATC MBrick (Modular Brick) is an Industrial IoT \ RTU \ Datalogger \ PLC  platform that bridges the gap between domain specific controllers and industrial systems. The platform is designed to be very modular in order to be used at smart cities, precision agriculture, aquaculture industry, greenhouse applications, building management systems and distributed process control applications.

ATC MBrick controller has a large number of slot modules such as:

  • Analog Inputs & Outputs (voltage & current).
  • SDI-12 Interface.
  • Digital Inputs & Outputs (SSR, Relays, Optocoupler).
  • Pulse counter \ totalizer.
  • AC current transformer inputs.
  • One-Wire sensors.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Load cells
  • Expansion interface for more complex I/O like pH controller, DO controller, 16I/O Interface board etc. 

Driver Supports: 4 Polling Engines with up to 90 MBrick per polling engine. Automatic configuration.

MBrick controller with installed modules and connected sensors for ultrasonic water level sensor, water temperature, air temperature, humidity and AC 30A current sensor.