ATC Supervisor - Ponsel Driver

ATC Supervisor Ponsel driver supports up to 30 digital bus with probes. Each bus can have up to 32 digital probe on maximum length of 1200 meters. The probe bus can be connected via Serial or TCP connection to the ATC Supervisor.

With integrated Ponsel driver up to 960 digital probes can be read or calibrated from the platform with few clicks

Each digital bus configuration can be configured in minutes. The driver support auto detection of digital probes in the bus or you can manually install digital probes to addresses with the POD Manager tool.

After digital probe installation on the bus, you can easily assign Tags to each measuring value on each probe.

Ponsel probe driver has an internal monitoring tool from quick inspection of probes communication status and measured values. 

You can click on each probe in order to view the probe status or the current measurements.

If Ponsel driver lost communication with a probe, the viewer will place the probe in a red box. If communication restored, the driver will place the probe in a green box.

Supported Ponsel Probes :

 Digital sensor - PHEHT:

  • pH/Redox/Temperature sensor
  • pH cartridge
  • Ultra low power conseption
  • Ponsel Plastogel Technology

Digital sensor - OPTOD:

  • Range : 0-20mg/L 0-200%
  • No calibration, no drift
  • Calibration data inside
  • Ultralow power conseption
  • Very small size
  • Body in Stainless steel or in TITANIUM

Digital sensor - CTZN:

  • Measure ranges conductivity 0,0 –100,0 mS/cm
  • Resolution 0,1
  • Measure ranges salinity 5-60 g/Kg  
  • Inductive technology
  • Ultra low power technology

Digital sensor - C4E:

Measure ranges conductivity 
    • 0-200,0 µS/cm
    • 0 –2000 µS/cm
    • 0,00 –20,00 mS/cm
    • 0,0 –200,0 mS/cm
  • Resolution 0,01 to 1 according the range
  • Measure range TDS -KCl 0-133 000 ppm 
  • 4 electrodes technology
  • Ultra low power technology

Digital sensor - NTU

  • 0 to 4000 NTU
  • Calibration data inside
  • Iso 7027 compliance
  • No sampling
  • Ultra low power conseption