ATC Supervisor – Symmetron Driver

Symmetron Driver developed to easily read dataloggers real time  values. While the dataloggers records real time data into its SD Card, the driver can read the datalogger channel values with 1 Hz sampling rate and perform calculations like min - max value, standard deviation and averaging on each channel values. The driver support up to ten S10, S41 or S101 dataloggers.

Supported Dataloggers :

Symmetron Stylitis-10 is a stand-alone, battery-operated datalogger suitable for a wide variety of measurements. 

  • Unique featureReal-time calculation and display, on its lcd screen, of wind turbine electrical energy production! 
  • Simultaneous recording in internal 4MB Flash memory and in removable MicroSD flash card. 
  • High reliability. 
  • 7 voltage /current /temperature / digital inputs. 
  • 1 or 2 counting inputs. 
  • Precision outputs: 2.5 V and 0.5 mA 
  • All inputs operate as outputs. 
  • Outputs change as a function of inputs. 
  • An output can drive a small relay. 
  • Sampling once per second. 
  • Average, Min, Max from 1 second to 1 hour. 
  • 2 serial portsRS-232: one DTE and one DCE 
  • The DCE port (PERIPHERAL) is available as RS-485 as well, in a special version, for connection of MODBUS RTU sensors. 
  • Capability to connect digital bus sensors: MODBUS RTU (as mentioned) and SDI-12 (supported in the standard verion with RS-232 port as well). 
Symmetron Stylitis-41 is a stand-alone, battery-operated Datalogger suitable for measurements in Meteorological, Wind/Hydro potential and other Environmental fields. 

  • High reliability. True non-stop operation. No adjustments required. 
  • Simple menu structure is easy to learn and use. - Password protection. 
  • (4) voltage analog inputs. - (3) counting inputs. 
  •  (3) 5V precision excitation outputs. 
  • Built-in surge protection for all inputs and outputs. 
  • Compatibility with most types of sensors from all vendors. - Measures: Voltage, current, frequency, temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude, solar radiation. Wind speed and direction, rain height, water speed and depth, etc. 
  • Samples once per second. - Statistics from 1 minute to 1 hour: Min, Max, Average, Standard Deviation. 
  • Recording in internal memory or up to 2 Gbytes Compact Flash cards. 
  • GSM data transmission (optional). 
  • Dual enclosure: External heavy duty, all weather, GRP (polyester) IP65 box. Internal steel enclosure protects electronics from electromagnetic interference and sharp objects that succeed in penetrating the outer box. 
  • Battery-operated. -30~+70 C operation. 
Symmetron Stylitis-101 is a complete, sealed, portable data acquisition and recording system for a broad range of applications in Industrial, Meteorological and Laboratory fields. 

  • Field proven. High reliability. 
  • Up to 18 analog inputs using optional CARD11~16. 2, 4 and 6 wire configurations. 
  • 3 counting inputs built-in. 
  • Up to 3 additional (6 total) inputs using optional CARD21, 22. 
  • 3 digital inputs built-in. 
  • Up to 6 programmable precision excitation voltage and current outputs. 
  • Statistics from 1 minute to 1 hour: Min, Max, Average, Standard Deviation. 
  • In time-series mode, it is suitable for wind turbine power curve analysis. Time-series sampling rates: 1~32 Hz. 
  • Recording in internal memory or up to 2 Gbyte Compact Flash memory cards. 
  • GSM data transmission (optional). 
  • Configuration modules (gain, 4-wire, 6-wire, etc.): see CARD11~29.